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Sick vs. Well Visits

Sick and well visits to a doctor’s office have different connotations. The time and appointment types will be different based on this distinction. Here we describe the differences.

Newborn Skin Rashes

The newborn period is associated with a lot of adjustments. Skin rashes are common and of many types. Understanding the significance and how to take care of them will be described.


Allergies are quite common and can present in many different ways. Symptoms of allergies can be quite debilitating for the patient. In this segment we will obtain a general overview about allergies and some ways to control it.

Fever Management

Fevers can be quite scary for most parents. However, fevers are just a manifestation of the body as it tries to fight off an infection. Control of a fever will be discussed in this segment.

Feeding Solids

Feeding solids to an infant needs to be done slowly. There is no absolute right or wrong on the pattern of feedings. Here we will talk about an approach to starting solid foods and how to gradually increase it.

Massage of a Newborn

Massage of the infant has been shown to be of great benefit and helps to enhance the growth and development of the baby. Massage requires skill and practice and should be done under the supervision of an experienced person. In this segment we see techniques of massage for the baby.

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